We offer you the chance to set up your own personalized education and cultural programe for teens in the charming and vibrant city of Montpellier, the second-most popular destination in France to learn French, with its centuries-old history of intellectual advances and social tolerance, and contemporary wide-ranging cultural offers.

Co-created with our help, these customized and challenging programs can take place year-round, from short stays of two weeks to semester-long courses.


  • Short Stay: intensive language learning, homestay and cultural immersion  

  • Summer: half-day of your required classes, homestay and cultural immersion with weekend excursions
  • Semestre: replica of your school’s semester in Montpellier, with homestay and a wide range of activities and visits to enhance the program.

Among our client’s favourite vists include: Carnival of Venice, Avignon and Nîmes, Barcelona, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Carcassone, the mountain rappel site of Millau, and Paris.